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Summary: A hard working professional with years of real world business experience achieving by leading teams to success. I believe in a coaching style of leadership. Mentoring, guiding, encouraging practice, all focused at developing individual initiative and ultimately accountability. Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u \l "_Toc481656162" Summary: PAGEREF _Toc481656162 \h 1 \l "_Toc481656163" Professional Experience PAGEREF _Toc481656163 \h 2 \l "_Toc481656164" American Electric Power Service Corporation PAGEREF _Toc481656164 \h 2 \l "_Toc481656165" Engineering Liaison: Point of Contact with our Commercial Operations group, charged with improving the interaction between the two groups. PAGEREF _Toc481656165 \h 2 \l "_Toc481656166" Supervising Engineer: Responsible for coordinating and administrating a group of engineers. PAGEREF _Toc481656166 \h 2 \l "_Toc481656167" Principal Fuel Specialist: Single point of contact for fuel related issues. PAGEREF _Toc481656167 \h 2 \l "_Toc481656168" Bartlett Nuclear Services PAGEREF _Toc481656168 \h 3 \l "_Toc481656169" Lead Engineer: Engineering Lead for environmental retrofit projects at multiple facilities. PAGEREF _Toc481656169 \h 3 \l "_Toc481656170" Lead Mechanical Engineer: Technical Lead on the Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Optional Fuels, System Restoration, and Fleet Optimization efforts. PAGEREF _Toc481656170 \h 3 \l "_Toc481656171" Consulting Engineer: Capital Project support, and technical expertise for numerous projects. PAGEREF _Toc481656171 \h 4 \l "_Toc481656172" American Electric Power Service Corporation PAGEREF _Toc481656172 \h 4 \l "_Toc481656173" Senior Engineer: Functioned as a Process, Project, Planning, and Estimating Engineer as project needs dictated. PAGEREF _Toc481656173 \h 4 \l "_Toc481656174" Babcock & Wilcox Co. PAGEREF _Toc481656174 \h 5 \l "_Toc481656175" Field Service Engineer: Responsible for construction support, labor supervision, equipment installation, start-up, and initial operation. PAGEREF _Toc481656175 \h 5 \l "_Toc481656176" Education PAGEREF _Toc481656176 \h 5 \l "_Toc481656177" The Ohio State University PAGEREF _Toc481656177 \h 5 \l "_Toc481656178" Clarkson University PAGEREF _Toc481656178 \h 5 \l "_Toc481656179" Certifications: PAGEREF _Toc481656179 \h 5