Edward P

Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler


Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Professional Summary * Ten years experience in electrical / mechanical assembly Tech, * Able to assemble follow drawing Cable bundle harness, install Electrical read and understand blue print, diagrams, all major drawing, schematic, troubleshooting, tape measure equipment mechanical box build assembler/circuits surface mount solder skills high temp/low temp. solder wire to connector, PCB Touch up/ rework wire point to point wire solder cups, Stripers and Crimping, used the high temp Solder under micro scoops, able used test millimeter. Oil and GAS equipment * Wiring complex electrical and Mechanical, Drive control systems. RIG system Control House AC/DC Drives, Allen-Bradley PLCs . switchgears. Layout and assemble complex electrical wiring harnesses and electronic components. Mechanical assembly of PLC control panel wire point to point, make wire cable, bus bar an install Modules and inverter, interconnects control VFD house control cabin house and wire subassembly networks cable AND fiber optic, able to work in field control power house Rigs yard . * Knowledge of electronics RIG systems control house semiconductors, proficient with microscope electronics. * Knowledgeable in the use of test equipment: BOF Sketcher, Blueprint, drawing Diagram, Solder skill, Test, QC.MPI. * Know how to use amp meter and millimeter and handle high power up to 480 VAC, all major electrical red line need to repair wire stripper, lug crimper, impact wrenches, torque wrenches, combination wrenches, sockets, ratchets, band saw and power drill impact drill, grinders. hydraulic Green le knock out, pipe cutter, 3/8,1/4 stand less steel tube bending of lay out used tape measure or table pipe bending/pipe bender EMT conduct pipe 1/2,3/4 bend and install conduit