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Technical Writer - 12 Years of Experience - Near 76053


Technical Writer


Hurst, TX

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Areas of Expertise: * Performance Consultant * Detail Oriented * Learning Management System Administrator * Project Management * Product Management * Creative Problem-Solver * Facilitator * Client Relationship Management * Innovative Thinker Selected Achievements Electronic Security Association * Developed and introduced an Instructor Guide to replace the 'notes' Instructors previously used from PowerPoint presentation printouts. * Designed and introduced a maintenance tracking worksheet to record recommendations for changes from field instructors, changes made during my review and edit or courses, and edits during Beta classes. * Created style guides for use when developing participant and instructor guides using word as well as a style guide for PowerPoint Presentation and Lectora * Proposed a 'versioning' tracking sheet to record course publications. The versioning process was done to submit 'copyright' details for courses that missed this step/process. * Introduced Microsoft Project to plan and track all course development * Implemented Microsoft OneNote 'sharing' to document internal and external meetings concerning to each project as well as sharing project status with executive leaders Expedia, Inc. * Revise Quality Assurance Scorecard in NICE for all levels of Customer Support, Telesales, Back Office, Email and Chat in the NICE system, dividing the scorecard into two sections: Customer Experience and Technical * Redefined attributes for both sections of the scorecards to prevent associates from receiving a negative score in multiple attributes for one negative action. Example: An associate does not use the customer's name in the Greeting. The associate would not receive a negative score for 'Not using the customer's name throughout the call' for this behavior, only receive a negative score for 'Greeting.' * Train HyperQuality, third-party Vendor Partner from India, on global products, services, policies and procedures to ensure they could accurately score recorded quality assurance calls for all levels of associates * Design and facilitate training for Supervisors, Managers, Quality Assurance Analyst, And Quality Assurance Managers for internal customers and external global Vendor Partners on NICE Quality Assurance Call recording software * Serve as project manager for the following highly-visible projects: * Revision of Telesales, 1st and 2nd Tier Customer Support, Backoffice, Email, and Chat Onboarding or New Hire training * Developed coaching, mentoring, writing annual reviews, conducting feedback discussions (negative and positive) training for Supervisors and Managers * Design of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system upgrade (Pegasus), online customer facing platform, native Global Distribution Systems (Sabre and Amadeus) * New products and services, i.e. low-cost carriers, loyalty programs, payment options, etc. * Used ADDIE in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of modules and curriculum, using Articulate Storyline and Captivate, for global vendor partners, geared towards bridging cultural gaps in understanding North American customer expectations * Decrease business unit error rate by 20% through task, need, and gap analysis of field data to identify need for process improvements * Conduct weekly virtual training sessions with twelve global vendor partners regarding topics of their choosing, e.g. products, services, systems, etc. * Collaborate with the same vendor partners to devise actions plans to assist them in achieving weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPI goals * Recommended, managed and implemented the redesign of North American Tier 1 Customer Support Agent new hire curriculum after extensive analysis. * Piloted the redesigned North American Tier 1 Customer Support Agent New Hire Curriculum which yielded extraordinary results: * Reduction in Average Call Handling time by 700 basis points * Increase of 20% in overall Customer Satisfaction * A 15% increase in First Call Resolution * Decrease of 40% in agent churn * Increase in Quality Assurance Scores during nesting of 80%, better scores in their third week in production than peers who had been with the company for 180 days or more * Collaborate with HyperQuality, third-party Quality Assurance Vendor Partner, to include 'excellent' recorded calls (all call flow scenario) in new hire training. Associates could hear how to handle a call type prior to receiving training on the call flow * Received the first ever Learning and Development Employee of the Year award due to my efforts in redesigning new hire, received an additional 5% annual bonus from the Vice President of Customer Operations, Promoted to Lead Instructional Designer and tasked with revising all New Hire training globally * Learning Management Systems Administrator responsible for: * Develop organizational hierarchy and architecture of LMS system (Cornerstone On Demand) * Export existing courses and users from previous LMS (PeopleSupport SkillSoft) to Cornerstone On Demand * Develop bulk upload template to enroll new users * Upload, test and publish assessments, courses, etc * Design customize monthly reports for executive leaders, etc. regarding course completions, assessment results, user volume, etc. * Perform monthly user reconciliation to ensure company not overbilled by Cornerstone OnDemand for agreed upon users Home Depot * Design and facilitator training on NICE tool and how to score and calibrate calls * Devise realistic triad role-plays for each call flow scenario per associate level reinforcing soft skills with their Pegasus CRM system navigation skills * Implement an onsite laboratory that allowed product manufacturers to demonstrate how to install their flooring products along with primary requirements and transitions, i.e. grout, the use of a trowel, spacers, moisture barriers, quarter-round, molding, etc. * Associates used the laboratory to practice installing flooring which increased their skills and confidence when conversing with customer * Responsible for ensuring associate, supervisors, managers, etc. attended four hours of continuous training per month for a 1,100 call center ACE Cash Express, Inc. * Design and facilitator training on NICE tool and how to score and calibrate calls * Utilize functional specification and quality assurance testing of check cashing machines to develop participant guide training for H&R Block employees * Conduct virtual training sessions with H&R Block employees nationally to educate them in assisting customers in cashing their tax refund checks using an ACE Cash Express check cashing machine located in their facility * Analysis, develop the design, implement and evaluation a Customer Support and Tier 1 Technical Support New Hire training program which consisted of Participant and Instructor New Hire Training Guides as well as continuous training modules and job aids. * Create and implement Captivate demonstrations and simulations for tools and systems that did not have a sandbox or training database allowing associate an opportunity to practice each call flow/workflow before handling customer or field employee request. * Develop, design and implement an online reference manual using RoboHelp which contained call flow scenarios with branching to guide employees to efficient and accurate solutions according to the customer's response. Decrease average handle time by 25% ATX Technologies, Inc. * Member of the team responsible for selecting NICE as our Quality Assurance Call Monitoring System * Developed Quality Assurance Scorecard as well as the attributes and set the score cards up in NICE * Managed the NICE software including adding users, providing rights to users, etc. * Develop, design and implement training participant and instructor guides as well as Captivate CBTs using high-end luxury car manufacturers, i.e. Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc. using operation manuals for telematics systems * Implement facilitation certification standards that trainers must pass before facilitating training on any new course and must recertify annually. * Manage team of six facilitators, one instructional designer, six quality assurance analyst and one quality assurance manager * Design Quality Assurance Scorecard for Telesales, Customer Support, and Data Entry teams along with defining attributes in a manner to avoid having team member receive a negative score in multiple attributes for the same behavior. The member did not use the customer's name in the Greeting. The member will receive a negative score in Greeting instead of the 'Greeting' and for 'Not using customer name throughout the call.' * Conduct monthly classroom monitoring sessions for each facilitator to ensure timely feedback regarding facilitation skills AT&T Broadband and Internet Services * Member of the team responsible for selecting NICE as our Quality Assurance Call Monitoring System * Developed Quality Assurance Scorecard as well as the attributes and set the score cards up in NICE * Managed the NICE software including adding users, providing rights to users, etc. * Develop, design and implement Telephony Instructor and Participant Guides * Devise CBT demonstration and simulations for tools and software that did not have a sandbox or training environment allowing participants an opportunity to practice using the system before being in a production environment * Created videos on how to make RJ11C's, RJ14C's, how to properly troubleshoot wiring issues at the Network Interface, accurate installation of a digital cable box, how to splice cable, the use of crimpers, etc. * Designed simplistic examples to explain complex scenarios such as how fiber optic cable transported telephone, cable, and internet to customer homes