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System Engineer

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CAREER SUMMARY Thomas is a highly motivated global thinker and team player with over 30 years of experience specializing in complex systems, network administration, operations, systems development, disaster recovery, business continuance and architecture. Key strengths are the ability to understand business and technical requirements and deliver effective system and network solutions from a hardware, software and operational perspective. As a manager and administrator, Thomas is very well versed with extensive hands on experience in systems administration, people management, DevOps, operations, security, disaster recovery, business continuance, performance management, project management, systems development and capacity planning. Thomas also has broad hands on experience in packaged systems such as SAP, GEAC, IDX and PeopleSoft. His background also includes systems development for the healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, HR and financial industries. Thomas has worked within PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, GMP and ISO standards. Typically, his projects and assignments come in on target and within or under budget. Thomas's accomplishments have always provided a positive impact to the organization's bottom line operational effectiveness and creates a high level of user satisfaction. Thomas has worked with a spectrum of users from small one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies. Thomas's career started in 1979 as a business application programmer, but was moved to the operational and systems side of IT after five years. He has considerable experience with most major operating systems, networks and databases in a variety of industries. With strong interpersonal and communication skills, Thomas is very capable as a Unix/Windows Consultant/Architect and manager. Thomas has always been well respected by his peers and staff members for his technical and critical thinking skills. Thomas is not afraid to "roll up his sleeves" to help get projects accomplished and provide mentoring and/or hands on help when needed. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a double major in Accounting and Information Systems, Thomas understands both the financial and operational side of IT in relation to business requirements, hardware and software costs, budgets, support, and administration issues.