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SUMMARY Seeking leading position where my skills regarding the scaling technologies will create value and prevent loss in development and design of complex hierarchical problems in biophysics, biology, medicinal sciences, medical devices and test techniques, processes, and technologies. Educator on issues of multiscale media, processes, HSP-VAT science and technologies. It is interesting that because of unequal progress in sciences and technologies the real benefits and proceeds might be gained right now due to substantial lagging behind by 15-20 years of some high tech areas in biology, biophysics, and medicine. Up to the present time the only specialist, leading professional in the world that can do the correct scaled, polyscale analysis and design in biological, physical, medicinal disciplines and technologies that were started to develop at the beginning of the 90s. Conceived, created and developed many new fields in Heterogeneous Scaled Physics (HSP) and math, among those a few came into the main stream of use - as in some areas of Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Continuum Mechanics, General Physics, Environmental and Chemical Engineering. and SKILLS: Research and development on aspects of Hierarchical Scaled Physics Biology Medicine and Technologies - since 1978 have been engaging and participating in development and advancement of many conceptual theoretical and technological issues for new physics biophysics of hierarchical matters theory in different physical and biotech disciplines. That is the technical discipline I named later as the Volume Averaging Theory (VAT) now the Hierarchical Scaled Physics - Volume Averaging Theory (HSP-VAT) which became my major field of interest through all these years. Originally my research in the US started as a continuation of my technical developments brought from the USSR including modeling and simulation in biophysics medicinal research turbulent and nonlinear thermal physics and fluid mechanics transport processes in porous heterogeneous and bio-tissue media mechanical and environmental engineering. These studies evolved during independent research work in affiliation with UCLA other scientific establishments in a few countries to the current state with fundamental developments in acoustics biology biomechanics tissue engineering medical issues hierarchical mathematics electrodynamics materials science heterogeneous continuum mechanics nanoscale physics ferromagnetism high temperature superconductors transport plasma physics fusion physics design of media heat exchanges and other scaled devices energy critical issues etc. For the first time have been solved exactly the few widely taught textbook problems as the two scale transport problems in heterogeneous and scaled media see in the website "" (in Russian web-3: "" ). These solutions were unattainable before and by using any other method or theory. Pioneered and advanced in the 1980-90s the widely used now (while mostly incorrectly) universal definitions and physical and mathematical methods for Multiscale Polyscale Hierarchical Polyscaling (this is not coupling) in Physics and Mathematics. Applied and used these in many technologies biological medicinal and technical sciences - "" A few of our latest scaling advancements in biology medicine and electromagnetism allow now to approach the fundamentals of electrodynamics phenomena in biomedia almost any matter starting from the sub-atomic scale fields scaleported directly up to the meso-scale continuum physics without entailing intermediate range of physical disciplines that should improve our understanding of natural observable facts - "" "" "" "" "" "" and others. Continue research on hierarchical processes in normal and infectious organs tissue nanoscale and microscale physics of hierarchical zymosis processes and transport in biomedia polyscale drug development and delivery disease histology cellular hierarchical and protein modeling polyscale polyphysics of disorder embryonic induction etc. Some sections in my websites are restricted for access because not finished under scientific challenge or just with a patentable or commercial content. Few of them are too unexpected without some educational minima. Thus many exploratory physics biophysics findings after 2002 are kept as technical assets. What I can do for the company/Institution that is involved in heterogeneous or/and hierarchical/scaled data/media hierarchical study development and technology projects program in biophysics biology medicine biotechs. Can guide the effort to establish (generate) the line of services or products leading to a new multiphysics heterogeneous/hierarchical process devices development or to the improvement of already simulated manufactured scaled or heterogeneous processes bio-media device particularly close in concepts to blood flow tissue engineering polyphysics transport or processes etc. * Would like to help to start a unique technology as for example - Development of a general two or more scale modeling and experimental capabilities for treatment of bio-physical problems or device as for example for progress assessment or structures for modeling and experimental effort for the Scaled or Hierarchical media/processes under the external/chemical physical fields influence (impact propagation) as a tool. Those are not kind of local experiments and simulation in a heterogeneous medium but the scaled physical phenomena recording and data reduction- "" This simulation experimental technology might be packaged and sold separately on the market for many research and development companies and organizations. Have responsibilities to use and promote more than 300 inventions in a variety of technical industries. Many of them are directly related to technologies and processes being developed and marketed by high tech companies. Would like and can help with the design and development of the software for running the 2 (two) scale equipment simulations for customers manufacturing and for models refinement. Provide new vision tools and resources for scaled bio-engineering tasks. Those as new concepts problem statements mathematical methods for example for scaled problem solutions design approaches etc. - "" "" other fields in my websites. * Have resources with cooperative establishments to provide difficult and unique scaling experiments and measurements. Can teach few unique not only in the USA or Europe but worldwide courses on the heterogeneous and scaled processes materials and matters ( "" ). * My work can save substantial amount of money avoiding reformulating or outscoring unnecessary or useless thermal fluid mechanics electromagnetic heterogeneous studies or media/process developments. Can demonstrate this with examples. * My knowledge and skills are unique at present. There are only four professors in the USA which can tackle the scaling only for the Upper scale linear problems in thermal physics and engineering and fluid mechanics with the heterogeneous HSP-VAT application. Meanwhile the nonlinear problems scaling theories in these and other physics biology medicine and disciplines as acoustics electrodynamics materials science etc. so far are only in my and my associates specialty. * Wrote and have backlog of numerous proposals and reports in physical biotech medical sciences disciplines for government agencies and private companies (USA). Worked for large projects with deadlines. Have unique methods for problem formulation Have unique methods and algorithms for scaled problems solution etc.


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