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System Administrator - 13 Years of Experience - Near 20130


System Administrator


Paris, VA

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CollapseDescription Managing different client Solaris, AIX Power6 and Linux boxes hosted with Solaris 8, 9 & 10, RHEL5 and RHEL6 versions. Roles and Responsibilities: 1- Container Building Defining the resources and assigning the resource pool for containers. Container migration. 2- Zones Building Defining the resources and assigning the resources to Solaris8,9 & 10 zones. Installation of zones with flair images Installation and migration of zones. Installation of zones on 'NFS' shared file system. Renaming of zones. Cloning of zones, backup of running zones. Installation of zones through script. Native and spare zone installation. Patching and package installation on zones. 3- Firmware and Patch upgrade on Sun4V, SunEnterpriseT 2000, T1000 & SunEnterpriseT5220. 4- User administration. NIS users account management. 5- NFS sharing, DNS and SMB sharing configuration. 6- File system management using VERITAS and SVM tool. 7- Addition and allocation of Storage file system (LUN mapping and creating of file system) on Solaris, Linux and AIX servers. Harding of Solaris and Linux boxes. Designing the High Availability of resources using Veritas Cluster tool. Creating multipath among the Disk and Network Interface cards (Bonding IPMP). 11- Installation and configuring Logical domains. Addition and Removal of resources configured under ZFS resources to Logical Domains. 12- Troubleshooting and support for Linux and AIX OS servers. 13- UNIX Server OS patching cycle maintenance and configuration include Solaris, Redhat, IBM AIX and other Free Linux version through BigFix. 14- Implementation and support of BMC Orchestra automation tool for executing multiple daily, monthly and Yearly infra support scripts.