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Clinical Research


Costa Mesa, CA

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Summary I have 12 years' experience as an oncology medical science liaison and biomarker pioneer. Much of my experience comes from my work at Abraxis Bioscience with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, where we successfully launched the first cancer nano-particle drug, Abraxane. As a result, I established close working relationships with oncologist working on several cancer indications at several institutions including: Dr. Peter Boasberg, Angeles Clinic, Los Angeles, CA (melanoma and breast cancer) Dr. David Hoon, St. John's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA (melanoma and breast cancer) Dr. Anthony Ribas, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (melanoma) Dr. Heinz J. Lenz, Norris Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA (colo-rectal cancer) Dr. William Weirda, MDACC, Houston, TX (myelodysplastic syndrome) Dr. David Wolfe, MDACC, Houston, TX (panreatic cancer) Dr. Victoria Manax, MDACC, Houston, TX (NSCLC, breast and pancreatic cancer) Dr. Keith Al Atrash, MDACC, Huston, TX (bone marrow transplants) Dr. Denise Yardley, Sara Canon Institute, Nashville, TN (breast cancer) Dr. Dan Von Hoff, University of Arizona (pancreatic cancer) Dr. Svetomir Markovic, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (melanoma) Dr. Keith Flaherty, Harvard, Boston, Mass (melanoma) Job Responsibilities: * Identify and establish key leader relationships. * Convene and run key opinion leader meetings * Educate and explain scientific details of drug structure and MOA. * Offer guidance in clinical trial design and data collection * Preparation and analysis of clinical data publication of abstracts at major scientific meetings and publication in top tier peer reviewed journals and books. * Preparation and submission of INDs, NDAs, trial adverse event reports, PMAs and 510 for medical devices. * Represented the company at major multi-site trial prep meetings at central locations. * Available for MD discussions on a 24 hour basis regarding patient drug responses. * Management of biomarker data and presentation.