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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

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Provider of leadership sales and marketing services to health plans that optimize their competitive position in the market and raise the performance of all client team members to higher levels: * Develops competitive advantages in their particular market * Creates product offerings that drive enrollment and retain membership Consistently lead health plan restructuring initiatives to develop and achieve strategies that differentiate them from the "that's what we do" plans to leaders in the marketplace. Typical plans realize average outcomes but soon thereafter that means extinction as competition intensifies. Enthusiastic about bringing success and 21st century marketing strategies and capabilities to health plans by applying unique combinations of new industry insights coupled with cutting-edge entrepreneurial business experience in sales marketing and innovative information technology tools. Providing proper analytical skills and experiential insights needed to lead product management capabilities essential to drive as well as thrive in a rapidly evolving Managed Care business environment. Champions the type of management intended for direct reports that fosters their capacity to acquire the knowledge and confidence necessary not only to succeed on a personal level but to effectively lead their teams as well. Specializes in identifying critical success factors for assignments initiatives and operations by analyzing charting and implementing effective action plans according to strategic timelines necessary to realize goals and desired results. Carefully analyzes processes procedures and resources utilized by sales and marketing teams to identify modify and thereafter introduce the needed changes essential as vital contributors to success. Key Qualifications & Distinguishing Achievements * Launched comprehensive restructuring initiatives as head of Sales for various Health Plans that included department operations, training and staffing to ensure achievement of membership growth goals. * Restructuring initiatives continually resulted in profitable membership increases over preceding required annual enrollment targets. * Revenue (P&L) - $35M annually, $0 - in debt obligations through company inception. * Developed and implemented a full-service telesales Operations Business Unit, responsible for increasing and retaining membership via telephony outbound call strategies and supported by efficiency enabling information technologies. * Developed and incorporate automated lead tracking systems to maximize sales, improve CMS compliance requirements and enhanced management oversight. * Lead the successful development, planning and implementation of sales and marketing operations to support the launching of Medicare Part D in multiple states. * Possess the ability to focus skills on establishing measurable and sustainable results, quickly and effectively. Experienced Business Strategist Designs and conducts various staff workshops on lead generation, tracking and campaign ROI via use of sophisticated marketing software and strategic analytical automation. Instructs sales, marketing and compliance personnel on use of mobile device applications, innovation applied technology used to solve time-management loads, resource-inefficiencies, and improve procedural integration to convert manual processing demands to computer assisted methodologies. Conducts market research analysis to identify electronically available and or produced data trends, market opportunities and or competitor performance. Develops transactional Web applications, using Web programming software and knowledge of programming languages, such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML). Master at improving the effectiveness of sales strategies by monitoring, measuring and understanding outcomes and critical elements for success that produce optimum results. * Sales Agent performance (Outsourced or Internal, Field or TeleSales) * Direct Response Mail * Social Media * Newspaper Obtains information on which programs really impact the pipeline so management can develop, assign, manage and exploit budgets effectively. * Develops and delivers reports via daily, weekly, or monthly automated emails to communicate how marketing is generating revenue, enrollments and complying with CMS regulations.