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Electronics Engineer


Electronics Engineer

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Qualifications Profile and Summary Energetic strategically inclined/oriented RF/wireless electronic engineering product/system/sub-system design engineer with a business and engineering acumen. Flexible RF/digital EE designer, quick to fully understand the business as well as the engineering side of any project or program assigned. Leader quick in developing, verifying, testing and confirming for manufacture, all the associated engineering required. Specialist in all forms of the latest 'high tech' RF/wireless electrical/electronic circuit design Analog/RF/digital design: SMT, discrete components, ADCs, DACs, P/Cs, ASICs, RFICs RF/EE systems utilizing specialized ICs, GaFET LNAs components, tubes/valves, etc. in light military or 'civilian' RF systems-utilizing most all types/forms of CAD/CAE software Spread spectrum theory/designs-stripline/microstrip design for RF, ADC/DAC applications Expert developing/producing high-dynamic-range RF (IP2/IP3 intermod) RX/TRX systems Broad-range electronics, RF packaging requirements, skills-multi-layer PCB/PWB layout RF cellular: GSM/Edge (brought technology from Europe to Lucent), CDMA/WCDMS/UMTS FCC/DOC/UL/CE/TSO/FAA-avionic/world-wide RF compliance approvals-ISO-9000+/2002x+ Bluetooth-ZigBee (IEEE-802.15.4) including RF4CE/AMR/mesh RF sub/systems implementation Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/h++)-WLAN, WiFi/WiMaX-WiMAX (IEEE-802.16)-IEEE 802.3xx, etc. Power line carrier digital transmissions (120kHz) to X -10 power line carrier RXs/TXs, etc. Worldwide compliance: FCC/FAA (including EMC/RFI) EU/all country testing/verification Executive Engineering Director Manager with Program/Project management experience Chief Engineer/Director of Engineering small electronic manufacturer: over EEs and tech, support Led team (s) implementing new high-tech technology into, i.e. NAV/COM avionics receivers and into various other high-tech designs and developments in WiFi, ZigBee, and general RF projects Location * Principal/Senior/Staff RF/multimedia EE Program/Project Management, Director Company Advanced Concept Engineering/LEA Enterprises Associates and SE Iowa - (and on Location Worldwide) Skills and Expertise Summarized Generalized Engineering anf RF Expertise Encapsulated Analog/RF with integrated/embedded uC/uP systems/subsystems) thru >60GHz