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Construction Driller - 10 Years of Experience - Near 77304


Construction Driller


Conroe, TX

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SUMMARY OF QUALIF IC AT IO NS I consider myself leader who's committed and driven towards Developing, Implementing a Strong Safety Culture, with the use of rules, regulation and policies within the framework of the JSA's. In my proven track record I've been able help the bottom line by reducing on-site incident rates. There are key components to my success, the ability to get workers or team-members "simply on the same page". This training starts with pre-tour team meeting i.e. Safety Meeting or Tailgate Huddle. Implementation of Safety Awareness, Preparation of tasks for today and the reviews of tasks or just simply developing and introducing the game plan is done in the safety meeting. Along with trainings, and orientations there are other components to my success, I push towards the ultimate goal of "0" injuries: Observation, Effective Communication, Mentoring, and Risk Assessment and carrying - out of Internal Audits. My passion for safety is exhibited through my leadership skills, core valves (Effective communication& Mentoring), experience and education which has helped me to continuously stride for 100% compliance of safety rules, regulations and policies. My enhanced success for the implementing of safety awareness "is second to none". The theme and ultimate goal for myself, is to keep our oilfield workers motivated to prevent injuries, and to think safety first.