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Bladensburg, MD

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I have trained and managed as many as 7 people during this period and have been the Team Lead since March of 2005. Worked with VHF radio Systems and P25 Trip systems. Worked on the VoIP trip kits which included Cisco equipment. Worked on telephone units, switch boxes and transmitters. I have experience with telephone, recorders, CD players and various small electronics. I have aligned and repaired AX Radios, SABER radios, XTS-3000 series radios, XTVA radio suitcases and MBTR radios. I have training in satellite communications including Hawkeye and MRSAT. I have helped to re-design upgrades to Community Network Boxes, PDR-3500 and Console Support Boxes. I have coordinated the repairs, alignments and redesign of the new Emergency Notification System for the President. As a member of the White House Communications team I have been cross trained in DATA, SATCOM and Radio sections.My duties included training all department personnel and certifying personnel as qualified on watch stations. I was responsible for quarterly reports to the Department head, and assuming the duties of the department head in his absence. I was responsible for the overall maintenance programs of the department and the general condition of all submarine electronic and mechanical masts, navigation equipment, radio equipment, radar equipment, optic and electronic sensors, vital electronic atmosphere monitoring equipment and COTS equipment. I was also responsible for the multimedia equipment including entertainment and training video equipment. I was responsible for the qualification of navigation, radio communications, and atmosphere monitoring personnel. I was in charge of ensuring the Operations department equipment and personnel were prepared and ready for extended deployment. I was in charge of ensuring that scheduled maintenance was occurring and that equipment repairs were made. I was also the department chief ensuring that the QA program was in effect and those personnel were trained and qualified in Quality Assurance. I was responsible for Photo and Electronic Surveillance systems and ensuring all personnel operating those systems were properly trained. I wrote and reviewed reports that included mission journals and analysis reports.


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MorganFranklin Corporation (Confidential) 3/2004 - 6/2007
US Navy (Confidential) 2/1978 - 1/2004



ECPI Telecommunications 2000 Associate Degree
University of the State of New York General Studies 1989 Associate Degree



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CSC, CACI, Fed Gov't, Lockhead Martin, Harris, General Dynamics





Team Lead for the Radio Section of the MorganFranklin Corporation technology sector. My duties were to oversea daily operations of the Radio Section to include maintenance, repair and alignments of VHF Radio units. I oversaw the Maintenance period of three travel teams over 30 day cycles, processing more than 1000 pieces of equipment per month. I am trained in the repair, maintenance and alignment procedures of XTS-3000 Radios, XTVA Radio Suitcases, Recorders, Saber Radios and AX boxes, P25 trip equipment. I was responsible for managing as many as 6 personnel. I organized, planned and coordinated maintenance periods with military and civilian personnel. I also maintained VoIP Kits with Cisco switches, routers and communications devices. I was responsible for training, quality assurance and upgrades of Motorola products designed for the military. I worked on and trained various communications equipment for the President of the United States. I was responsible building and maintaining the emergency communications for the Office of the White house. I was responsible for building and maintaining a database of radio equipment upgraded to the AES standard. This process included obtaining each unit's Otar and verifying full operation under the new standard. I was responsible for quarterly reports analyzing the production in my section. As team lead, I reported to the Project Manager the status and working conditions of small radio assets and P25 trip equipment. I was responsible for the upgrades to the Motorola designed equipment as per the client’s requests. I was responsible for processing equipment for repair at our depot facility and maintaining database of all equipment ready for issue. I have excellent computing, verbal and writing skills. One of major duties was conducting employee goal setting, mid-term and annual evaluations. In just over 3 years at this company I have become experienced on Voip, extensive VHF communications and Motorola Systems.