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Operations Manager


Operations Manager


Hastings, NY

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� Managed global project and contracts for quality and cost improvement. Eliminated $40 million in warrantee exposure to achieve lowest PPM in company history trained system users & tech personnel in best practices. � Architected recall program for 1.5MM TRW RKE Transmitters as COO at half the budgeted $23 million using innovative materials and data handling and rural bulk mail to achieve desired turnaround time with minimal errors. Resulted in receiving TRW Chairman's Award. � Developed and implemented retrofit adaptation for Duracell Blister Paks for rapid changeover from hanging to free stand paks in existing floorplan for both captive and contract shops to save $45 million on secondary packaging costs for display. � Established GE Power Systems vendor qualification specs and quality plan maintenance inspected and witnessed testing and mentored other engineers for global quality assurance on electrical grid equipment. � Provided customer support and negotiation plus design and progress review meetings and actions list maintenance and dissemination for Chinese transformer manufacturer seeking North American market. � Adapted multiple machines for retrofit through ground-up for packaging slitting coating winding molding milling and cutting heat treat grind and polish and welding assembly in precision metalworking for bearings and compressors specialty filters and library supplies electronics and consumer and fashion goods both high volume and discrete. Multiple Plant and Line Startups Process Automation Machine Design & Deployment. � Developed OCLC software system to work with the patented Se-Lin to produce library-quality continuous strips of labels and other specialty labels reliably. � Secured patents for label printing adaptation for low-torque computer printers specialty filters and reverse osmosis modules and components. � Adapted web-based OpenEMR to operate under Windows as stand-alone for use by house-call providers with remote VPN connectivity for billers and other staff.