Ronald J

Structural Iron & Steel Worker - 20 Years of Experience - Near 44413


Structural Iron & Steel Worker


East Palestine, OH

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Career Summary organizational skills have been apart of my career since high school, military leader and construction industry. I have worked in manufacturing and again as a floor supervisor in production. Coaching youth sports, adult sports, staging tournaments and benefits for sports and social concerns. I have been all over the world in different environments and situations, I have to say if there is a problem I solve it never bypass it. engage brain before mouth and action that is just one of many philosophy's of mine. Foreman (Expert) Coaching (Expert) More than 10 Years baseball is my favorite past time. soccer basketball volleyball tennis it doesn't matter I am all in when it comes to sports Fabrication (Expert) More than 10 Years with a design and build company we have to be ready for anything. stairs wall ladders handrails turn tables for tankers and steel buildings of any type. going into a mill with raw steel and building what needs to be built. Pricing (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years pricing is a phone call or a button away. vendors are always ready to give a price. the hard thing is the hours of work to complete the bid Welding (Expert) More than 10 Years tig mig stick braise arc gouge. stainless copper steel aluminum. my words are if you can walk across it I can weld it.