Wanda B

Registered Nurse - 16 Years of Experience - Near 08554


Registered Nurse

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1-215-579-6505 Supervisor: CDR Melissa S. Laufenberg, MSN, RN - BC 609-584-6210 Duties and Responsibilities * Responsible for multiple duties in the Health Services Department. Provision of daily patient care to inmates during sick call, scheduled appointments or life threatening medical emergencies. * Care of acute episodes with male populations who are care level one while also educate and monitor their chronic illness. * Intake of newly committed as well as transfer of inmates from other federal correctional facilities prioritizing their medical needs while ensuring the safe housing during their transition. * Documentation of annual mandatory reportable requirements mandated under American Correctional Association standards as well as the Program Statements and Policies of the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. * Train and function as a correctional officer through augmentation to the role as well as be prepared to step into the position of maintaining a safe and secure therapeutic environment as a hazardous duty officer. * Assist other team members to provide mental, medical, dental and social health services to the inmate population. * Perform an active role in prevention of spread of infectious disease by education of staff and inmates, examples Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Tuberculosis or Scabies. * Maintain up to date information regarding Pharmaceuticals, Cardiac Arrhythmia's, along with best current treatment of Traumatic events, stabbings, drug overdose. .