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Summary: Advice the Commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM (N-NC) on pertinent CBP plans, policies and actions, and to help foster/shape CBP and N-NC interagency relationships. The overall goal is to aid in the synchronization of CBP and N-NC activities that support homeland security, homeland defense and defense support to civil authorities with the primary objective of coordinating intra- and interagency intelligence gathering, analysis, and sharing activities in response to an uptick in global asymmetric threats. "Your tremendous leadership and commitment to excellence reflect the highest standards of our Federal Law Enforcement partners. Thank You for your numerous contributions, most notably, four years of service to the J92 Law Enforcement Annex, representing Customs and Border Protection and integrating their activities with United States Northern Command." Summary: Promoted to serve as Middle Executive Leader for San Diego Sector to manage 5 major operational programs: Prosecutions, Detention and Removal Foreign Operations, Asset Forfeitures and Training (which included Use of Force and Recruiting) Departments. Assistant Chief * Defined, developed, reformed, and oversaw comprehensive programming initiatives. * Led a staff of 120+ employees and contractors in the formulation and execution of daily operations for the programs mentioned above. * Responsible for the management of all operations, budget, and accounting for said programs. * Spearheaded the transformation of the U.S -Mexico law enforcement and military relationship from one of longstanding mistrust to a more open, cooperative partnership. Implemented a plan to aggressively pursue senior leader engagements, small-unit training, staff collaboration, and cultural sensitivity education. Worked closely with 22 local Government of Mexico (GoM) law enforcement agencies while leading and coordinating several binational operations and prosecutions. * Increased response times by GoM to dangerous situations that affect Border Patrol operations as well as reduce the risks of assaults. * Developed a unified 'task force' in Tijuana, Mexico called OMEGA to identify mutual areas of operational focus and increase security by eliminating transnational crime along the border by either land and/or sea. * OMEGA utilized intelligence fusion, joint planning, and operational fusion to achieve its mission. This effort reduced crime on both sides of the border. * The group also rescued many kidnapped migrants. * Revamped the prosecutions unit to provide material support to our Sector Campaign through coordination and facilitation of focused prosecutions within targeted areas and against targeted organizations. The Prosecutions Department worked with Border Patrol stations and strategic partners to identify smugglers working in the targeted zones and worked with the U.S. Attorney's Office to prosecute those individuals. The numbers of cases processed through the office had a low to non-denial rate. * Inherited an underperforming Asset Forfeiture Office with dealt with multimillion dollars and narcotics seizures. Problems included a misaligned agenda, excess overhead, and a lack of focus on proper procedures. Developed new processes for the Office in order to comply with national guidelines and policies. The instituted new rules and changes increased productivity and processed over 2594 seizures in one FY. * Ensured that the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP) continued to be a key pillar in the sectors enforcement strategy. The program was designed to disrupt Alien Smuggling Organizations operating within our AOR. Increased the number of trips between other sectors. Due to this process, many aliens removed did not re-entered. * Leveraged leadership capabilities to oversee aggressive organizational and infrastructure evolutions. * Performed gap analysis to establish culturally-inclusive curriculum with a core focus on building a broad-spectrum of courses and mentorships fostered greater interoperability, consensus, and collective growth. Deputy Commander/Watch Commander, Murrieta, CA 2003 - 2009 Summary: Promoted to performed duties relating to day to day operations for the Temecula/Murrieta station. Responsible for 140+ agents and administrative workers. Provided technical assistance and assume command of emergency and complex situations that occur on any given day. I conferred with the station Commander in matters pertaining to station operations, intelligence, anti-smuggling, criminal alien, prosecutions, and employer sanction programs. Oversaw the construction of the Murrieta station and worked closely with GSA, contractors and the city of Murrieta. Watch Commander (2003 - 2007) * Planned, organized and coordinated the activities of a unit of approximately 39 GS-5/7/9/11/12 Border Patrol Agents to implement Station goals and priorities. * Main operations of this station were traffic checkpoint however, other enforcement activities included city patrol, transportation check, jail check, prosecutions and intelligence. * Provided technical assistance and assumed command of emergency and complex situations that occur on any given day. * Developed and implemented a new way to monitor overtime performed by our agents which was significantly impacting daily operations. Monitored all details to ensure compliance with the annual cap. Deputy Commander (2007 - 2009) * Improved labor management relations within the station organization by meeting regularly with union leadership to brief them on situational issues. As a result, I gained union support and was able implemented numerous changes without conflict. * Led, and completed a comprehensive multi-million facility construction project overseeing essential space planning initiatives to balance the current needs of the organization with future organizational growth on cost and schedule. * Worked closely with GSA, contractors and the city of Murrieta. the request of Border Patrol Headquarters I provided leadership within the Enforcement Information and Technologies Division (EIT). My primary duties included liaisons with Border Enforcement and Management Systems (BEMS) a division of Office of information and technology. I was responsible for assisting with project requirements relating to USBP databases. The projects were completed ahead of schedule. In addition I worked closely with the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) in particular with BEMS to complete a merger between two legacy payroll databases (BPETS and COSS) and most importantly was one of the initial agents in charge with the development of the currently used Biometrics systems (IDENT).





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