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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY sectors. Excellent communication, presentation skills. Talented in gathering, analyzing and defining business requirements to understand operations, needs and expectations. Skilled at defining and controlling scope, achieving project objectives, managing and building cross-functional teams. Experience in inventory control tracking and vendor negotiations. Successful at consistently providing detailed and accurate financial reports. Conducted payroll financial statements and audits Experienced with D2L, Blackboard, eCampus, Moodle, and Oracle portal systems * Founded myxMedia, a non-profit educational institution Ask me why* * Work in special education, English as a second language (ESL) for Spanish speaking children and adult- learners and American Sign Language, staff development * Curriculum development and educator training for distance learning and blended online/in class education, integrated curriculum development, technology curricular integration and design, course and content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS) * College - level interactive & web instruction to a variety of programs: video, graphic design, & animation. * Teaching all aspects of computers and web design, including: instruction of computer basics, hardware and system operation, various computer applications, authoring, scripting, and coding HTML, ActionScript, PHP, CSS, XML, search engine optimization, usability testing, Internet marketing, and E- Commerce design and development * Project-based learning, classroom management, instructional technology, student-centered learning, curricular integration, and career development instruction for teachers * Planning, developing, and implementing Career and Technical Education (CTE) workshops, state, regional, and national CTE events, including managing teams that developed and launched two award winning CTE schools * Administrative responsibilities such as district-level liaison, grant writing, bookkeeping and project management, including administration of a seven-figure budget and management of all contract vendors related to technology, installation and implementation of some of the nation's first wireless computer labs and integration of the first Apple X-Serve in an educational environment in the NW * Working to develop outreach and promotional programming * A commitment to fostering relationships with the professional community, with the intention of incorporating real world and client-based projects in course delivery * Developing an online resource center called StudyLabz providing students with 24/7 access to class resources, chat-room for online discussion, and tutorials to supplement class work I have developed and designed corporate training modules and provided instruction at: * Arizona Career & Technical Education * PetSmart * Arizona Small Business Association * Phoenix Film festival * Honeywell * SkillsUSA * Lucent Technologies * Summer Studio * Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) * The Art Institute of Phoenix (AIPx) * Trident Technical College Alicia L. Martínez * 2809 Willow Wren, Las Vegas, NV 89084 * 725 696-1983 * AliciaMartínez 2809 Willow Wren, Las Vegas, NV 89084 725 696-1983 * Working with technology satisfies an analytical side. I enjoy searching for reasons and causes and PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY thinking about how various factors might affect a situation and, I am particularly interested in working to ensure confidentiality and security of applications and web content. For more than 10 years, I have: * Constructed computer systems * Mastered many desktop applications and two major accounting applications Peachtree and QuickBooks. I also became skilled in creative software * Explored the physicality of a network - DHCP, FTP, TCP/IP, WAN/LAN, AppleTalk, LocalTalk networks, Ethernet, Token Ring, etc. * Administrated and maintained the integrity and functionality of a dual platform network. Utilized Novell, NWAdmin, and GroupWise to maintain the system * Implemented security in all aspects of the Internet, computer systems, and networks * Supervised technology teams and vendors to resolve technical problems, from software to hardware * Created, designed, and developed web pages for the Internet and Intranets that incorporated content management systems, shopping carts, interactive games, and social media. Abilities include: authoring, scripting, and coding -HTML, ActionScript, PHP, CSS, XML, search engine optimization, usability testing, Internet marketing, and E- Commerce design and development * Maintained and project managed all aspects of a full service new media boutique business. Consulted and trained businesses, educational facilities, and adults in and with technology and multi-media needs * Implemented technology grants such as the E-rate grant program, administered by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), and Bill and Melinda Gates grants I continually train and consult in the technology, education, and business fields. SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY: TRAINER OR PRESENTER * National Society of Collegiate Scholars * Train local educators - continual * Community outreach, 2005 - Present * Arizona Career & Technical Education (CTE) trainer and liaison 2004 - 2009 * Presenter for Arizona Small Business Association - 2004 * Presenter, trainer, and consultant for numerous schools and districts in the Pacific NW and Southwest COMMUNITY/COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT "Alicia's commitment to the community is an asset and our community has greatly benefited from her generosity and vision." - Mike Nielsen community leader and business owner