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Network Engineer

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Qualifications and Related Experience Rise Broadband American Fork, Utah Network Engineer I January 2016 - Present Network Engineer for the West region of Rise Broadband covering three states, Utah, Idaho and Nevada. A multi-site, multi-NOC metro area network supporting 60,000+ customers over fiber and wireless point-to-point transport and wireless point-to-multipoint technologies on public and licensed frequencies. * Install server hardware and software infrastructure. * Set up user accounts and passwords. * Monitor network usage and security. * Manage email, spam etc. * On call rotations * Ensure networks are running smoothly. * Troubleshoot and restore systems after crashes. * Undertake routine preventative measures and implement, maintain and monitor network security. * Ensure systems comply with industry standards. * Keep internal networks running smoothly. * Support administration of servers and server clusters. * Manage system back up. * Restore protocol. * Document network problems. * Support network and computing infrastructure Rise Broadband/Digis American Fork, Utah NFIT - Network Infrastructure I-II April 2014 - January 2016 * Responsible for network infrastructure operations of a 35,000+ customer, fixed-wireless ISP network for the Utah market. * Maintaining backhaul networks and repairing network outages * Building solar sites, networks racks, battery backup units * Ensuring proper site operation, inspecting cable and electrical equipment * Identifying, designing and building potential new areas to be developed * Providing prompt response to network issues, conducting preventative or proactive network repairs outside of normal business hours when required * Working with network, installation and customer care department to achieve operational objectives * Troubleshooting physical layer problems with radio frequency (RF) links and resolving IP network issue problems * Identifying potential network issues and proactively react to situations before they escalate * Climbing communications towers and etc. Safely working in an elevated position * Assisting with new technician training Vitaliy Galandin resume-page 2 Qualifications and Related Experience, Continued Rise Broadband/Digis American Fork, Utah Technician, Installation & Repair January 2013 - April 2014 * Worked outside on a customer's premises or within customer's home or business * Regularly climbed ladders and works on rooftops while performing installations and repairs * Troubleshooting: Attempted to identify and remedy sources of internet, video and telephone service or customer-perceived problems * Prepared for daily work assignment by requisitioning equipment and supplies from warehouse, and stocking vehicle as needed * Maintained company truck and other equipment per service requirements and safety guidelines * Drive a company truck between office and/or home, warehouse, and work sites in a safe and courteous manner, and in accordance with all laws and company policies * Communicated with Dispatch and monitors provided software throughout the day for information regarding changes to work schedule and for information about current installation * Interacted with customers in a professional, courteous manner including when responding to escalations and repeated customer concerns * Performed basic testing of customer installed services including PC and Local Area Network setup and/ or functionality of Voice over Internet Protocol telephone equipment. * Worked on regularly scheduled days as well as unscheduled days and beyond regular work hours due to customer or operational demands Grand and Little America Hotels Guest Services/Security 2010 - 2011 * Worked as Hotel Security Agent/Guest Services "Bellman". Performed multiple tasks like report writing, guest assistance, property security, vehicle assistance, bank drops and other financial duties