Christopher P

Lyricist - 10 Years of Experience - Near 90404




Santa Monica, CA

Education Level:

Some College Units Completed

Will Relocate:



SUMMARY F UALIFICATIONS a i a e w p w a p Forward-thinking nd nnovative dvertising xpert ith rofessional riting nd hotography xperience. e t a a v o m Ability o pply ariety f ethodologies o evelop onceptual ayouts, nticing eadlines, t d c l e h m i a d photo-editing/retouching, ock-ups, cons nd esign pecifications rom cratch or eb edia, rint nd s f s f w m p a p d E c application roduct evelopment. xcellent ustomer ervice kills ith an-do ttitude. ptitude o uggle s s w a c a A t j p w l d C multiple rojects ith ittle irection. ompleted wo-year ilm tudies rogram t oorpark ollege. t F S p a M C H PROFESSIONAL IGHLIGHTS * c h o p a b Consistently ompleted undreds f rojects nnually efore eadlines ith inimal evisions. d w m r * v d s a k Excellent isual esign kills nd nowledge f urrent ndustry rends. o c i t * i p c d c a c a a d Specialized n roviding onceptual esign, reative d opy nd rt irection. * e f & G - ( Created xpandable ad or Proctor amble $500,000 udget). b * t i u f R i Designed he nitial ser-interface or 's Phone pp. a T CAREER RACK M C 2 - C Santa onica, A 009 urrent o C Director f ontent * s f o p Developing eries or nline latforms. * o c f U P Created riginal ontent or ABC niversal ictures nd Focus eatures a F . V C 2 - O Westlake illage, A 007 ctober 016 2 D Advertisement esigner * a f v d f V c a Support nd acilitate isual esign or IP orporate ccounts .e. herwin-Williams ank f i S B o a H America nd ACE ardware . * c w e c e Customize oncepts hile xceeding ustomer xpectations. * m p a m d i a f e Manage ultiple rojects nd eet eadlines n ast-paced nvironment. * d b d t m e a Make ecisions y etermining he ost ffective pproach hile onsidering llocated udgets. w c a b * t a p r i a s Ability o creatively pply olicies esulting n olution hat s utually atisfying o oth he ustomer t i m s t b t c t c and he ompany. * H a c f c s a Designed TML5 nimated ontent or lients uch s Quicken oans enske nd P&G L P a . I Move, nc. V C N 2 Westlake illage, A ovember 002 007 - 2 A Production rtist * o m a p m f c t c Designed nline arketing nd rint aterials rom oncept o ompletion. * t A f t t 1 Traveled o rizona acility o rain 0-person cottsdale maging eam. S I T 1 * i e r e c Responsibilities ncluded diting, etouching, nhancement, olor-correction nd rchival f hotos n a a o p o R a H, nd * i t d n t e p Took nitiative o evelop ew ime-saving mail rocedure which anagement pproved nd ( m a a i 2 - u d m implemented n 005) tilizing esktop acros o uto-populate ields o ccount anagers ould t a f s A M c c i r easily reate maging equests. * m w P A t b Implemented acros ith hotoshop ctions o atch-process undreds f hotos aily. h o p d * q a p a f Designed uarterly genda osters, nimated ocal oints nd aterial or arketing mails. p a m f m e B N Santa arbara ews-Press B C A 2 - O Santa arbara, A pril 002 ctober 002 2 P Graphics aginator * d l a d s f a w a Provided igital ayout nd esign ervices or ide rray f rinted aterials ccording o pecial o p m a t s s newspaper ections. * p a s o o a p o n Output, roofread nd igned ff n ll ages f ewspaper efore ending o ress. b s t p * h Created ouse-ads. * N Updated ightly. n E Jewelers dge H C D 2 - D Beverly ills, A ecember 000 ecember 001 2 A Graphic rtist * v s t i c Defined isual trategies o ncrease ompany wareness. a * w p t d n a i Collaborated ith hotographers o evelop ew nd nnovative ays o howcase w t s o t a B jewelry nline o ttract -to-B ustomers. c P Copy age L A C J 1 - D West os ngeles, A une 995 ecember 000 2 O T Graphic utput echnician * a p t d o f t C Created nd roduced he esired utput iles o anon nd P lotters or ourtroom resentations. a H p f c p * o f s a d Advised n ormats, tyles, nd esign ptions. o * t t c t u P m e Hired o rain olleagues o se hotoshop ore fficiently. S TECHNICAL KILLS * P Graphics rograms: P L I P Adobe's hotoshop, ightroom, llustrator, remier, crobat, nDesign, ridge, dge nimate nd A I B E A a H 3 D P S Quark, ometour 60, TI's age peed, peed lanner, WD Google eb esigner) S P G ( W D * P ACCOMPLISHMENTS ND REDENTIALS A C * o A S o C A Member f merican ociety f omposers, uthors nd ublishers ASCAP) a P ( * r " T o o t C Personal ecognition Special hanks" n Pirates f he aribbean -19, he ecruit nd he ime K T R a T T s Machine oundtracks * l f a c i # U P Original yrics eatured nd redited n 1 niversal ictures ilm Heartbreaker) f ( * o O s a Z m Worked n scar-nominated cores t Hans immer's usic tudio s ub oom echnician s a a D R T * p c a f H Z A G A i G s Created romotional over rt or ans immer's s ood s t ets core oundtrack s * A D ( L S o B Assisted rt irector William add kinner) n Warner rothers ilm raser Aircraft dviser) f E ( A * a d o R Assisted MTV rt epartment n andom ero V how H T s * K A o n N a ( Assisted .C. lfred n umerous FL ssignments editing, ighting, hooting) l s * u f E ( L O a p Opened p or .L.O. Electric ight rchestra) nd erformed t TV a M