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Summary: I have approximately 36 years of experience in design, plan preparation, estimating and plan review for various railroad facilities, bridges both RR and highway, tunnels, existing and new bridge inspection, both railroad and highway and underwater bridge inspections. I have also worked on numerous metric projects for MNDOT and IDOT. From 2001 to 2014 I was the primary Construction Manager for ZEC in the Railroad Facilities Group. I Joined the RR group at TKDA in 1996. I was involved with many different types of RR facility projects and some RR bridges I was employed there for 11 years leaving in 2008. I followed my Manger from TKDA to Zachry Engineering and have been working in the RR Facilities group for the last 8 years. The past three to four years I have been transitioning into the role of Design Project Manager. Items I have worked on are providing Union Notifications, engineer's estimates, plan & spec. review and development, constructability reviews, bid evaluations, developing and processing RFP's RFI's, reviewing & processing Invoices and change orders. Managing pre construction conference calls and onsite meetings, weekly construction conference calls, coordinating with clients, cites, county, state, contractors and other consulting firms. I can provide multiple references upon request. of 9 William A. Bielefeld Construction Manager/Project Manager Railroad Department Railroad Facility Design PROJECT MANAGER/LEAD DESIGNER Clovis NM Yard Industrial Waste Improvements: 2015 - present I was responsible for project management, development of the design, plans. Specifications, IW Investigation & CM for the modification or replacement of the entire IW system for this yard. The project consisted of WWTP, Maintenance Shop, Service Platform, Turntable, Utility Tunnel, 4 Spot Truck Load/Unload, LO PH, LO Truck Pad, Drying Beds, 750 foot siding platform, DFO PH, Concrete Tank farm 2-850,000 Gal. DFO tanks with 1 - 20,000 Gal LO tank & a double track 4 spots each side Tank Car Unload platform. Approx. Project cost $1,000,000.00 - 4.5% change orders. PROJECT MANAGER/LEAD DESIGNER Fall Protection Re-Design Multiple sites: 2014 - 2015 I was responsible for project management, development of the design, plans, specifications, and site investigation for the modification or replacement of the Existing Fall Protection system on Multiple Horizontal Tanks containing LO, RO and DFO at three sites Vancouver WA., Pasco WA. & Whitefish MT. The projects consisted of keeping the tanks in service while removing the existing Fall Protection system and install an entirely new system of stairs, catwalks and handrails. PROJECT MANAGER/LEAD DESIGNER Alliance NE. Tank Farm Containment Design: 2013 - 2014 I was responsible for project management, development of the design, plans, specifications, site investigation and survey for the modification of the tank farm dike liner and IW system for one 2.38 million gal tank and one 1 million gal the tank. Replacing the entire IW system and Liner and the replacement of the concrete ringwall of the 2.38 million gal tank while keeping it in service. Project cost for the liner $1,200,000.00 total change orders $1,104.00 of 9 William A. Bielefeld Construction Manager/Project Manager Railroad Department PROJECT MANAGER/LEAD DESIGNER Denver Transit Constructors (DTC) Globeville Yard Diesel Fuel Oil (DFO) Pipeline and Electrical Relocation 2012 I was responsible for project management, development of the design, plans and specifications for the relocation of approx. 300 feet of DFO carrier and containment piping and approximately 500 lineal feet of 2-inch electrical conduits at the Globeville Yard located in Colorado. DTC is constructing an elevated light rail track. The DFO and electrical conduits needed to be relocated due to an interference with two of the structures piers. CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Yard I was responsible for construction management and some of the design on this project at the which consisted of Electrical Bldg. Pump house Re-Spray Bldg. This was the first high speed Re-spray facility in the world. There was a great deal of track work involved which was designed by Tran-Systems. I was the Primary CM of the entire project coordinating the Track work Constructed by Granite the Facility work Constructed by Kinley and BNSF signal and Telecomm work. BNSF specifically requested me to perform the CM for this project. Project cost for the Facility only 3,400,000.00 SUMMARY Efficient with construction planning, drafting and project management skills, as well as the ability to drive early project completion. Personable Construction Manager/Project Manager who communicates openly and effectively with all involved, from construction site workers to company CEOs. Successfully sees projects through from initial planning stages to completion. Project Manager/Designer skilled in all phases of multi disciplined engineering projects. Consistently finishes projects under budget and ahead of schedule. I have never had a project go over 5% in change orders.