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Professional Summary: MICROSOFT CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST (MCTS). SharePoint Team Lead - Sr. Developer /Architect with Administration experience working in custom client solutions. Over Ten years' experience migrating, installing, deploying, upgrading, troubleshooting and administering SharePoint on MOSS2007, SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013 including Hybrid Office 365 for 2013 and now O365 2016 and On Premise Portal Enterprise farms covering 2007 through 2016 versions of SharePoint. Over five years of C# visual studio custom design and architectural solution experience. Migration expert utilizing 3rd party applications such as Content Matrix, Metalogic, ShareGate, AvePoint, and others resulting in successful migration of over 200tb of content ranging from custom pipelines, workflows/ solutions and SharePoint Designer. Now focusing on CSOM Client Side Object Model experience over the last three years instead of traditional GAC uploaded solutions. IT Pro with 20 years of information technology experience, of that time eleven years in management and leadership roles including five years working in Team Lead roles with the last three years leading a team of solution developers and SharePoint admins as a contractor for USDA. During that time, I successfully completed Enterprise level farm installations, large scale migrations for multiple agencies, creating custom Dashboards to connect legacy .Net applications such as CRM for example into a single web part allowing improved efficiency and better performance. Using JQuery and JavaScript we established a user friendly method of quickly determining maintenance schedules and Updates across the Enterprise. For me it's all about extending SharePoint to improve how users utilize SharePoint as a Platform. If this is of interest to you, please reach out and contact me to discuss your SharePoint needs and future plans. Key SharePoint Strengths: * Achieved 98% production uptime while leading teams of SharePoint Developers and Admins * Successfully managed and supported Tier 3 support tickets on CRM and SharePoint custom solutions involving MVC 4 and recently MVC 5 updates to older existing roles management across agencies in all 50 States for example. Supporting .Net Plug Ins and upgrading them for SharePoint 2016 best practices involving On Premise - O365 Hybrid setups over last year * SP2013 PerformancePoint fourteen server installation and configuration of Production SharePoint farm four weeks ahead of schedule including duplicate test farm all utilizing Microsoft best practices based on PowerShell and reporting scripting in OWA * 2007 SharePoint Migration project totaling 1200 sites and 60Tb of content was scheduled to take 6 months to migrate and convert to SP2013 O365. By running migrations after hours and during weekends the project finished 9 weeks ahead of schedule saving time and money * Successfully completed migrations of 20TB of SP2010 custom pipelines where standard lists had been changed by users but not defined as custom lists. This prevented Content Matrix from properly analyzing the list objects and migrating critical lists that had to be converted. I was able to quickly analyze the situation and develop custom code to complete the migration * Successfully migrated customized workflows by reassigning GUIDs to reconfigure xml errors manually without 3rd party tools, allowing me to manually migrate the workflows * 400 hour Branding project to customize public facing home page with requirement to change SharePoint home page to look and respond like .Net home page was the project requirement. Completed project requirement by utilizing a custom master page and nine separate page layouts with custom SharePoint classes and zones. By using alternate objects we finished the project in under 200 hours saving the client half of the expected custom solution cost * Quick solving and creation of business solution utilizing data view web parts instead of visual studio solutions have frequently saved clients' money and time * Finished code only VS workflow started by another developer where client gave bonus * Designed and documented 29 page Performance Point architectural instructions in SP2013 * Custom Data View Web Parts / Home Page custom Web Parts - rotational slider solutions and other SharePoint Designer custom solutions including page layouts as xml expert * Saved Casino client account by restoring and rebuilding SharePoint in a matter of hours after the client decided to change their SharePoint application server into a domain server. Needless to say the only recourse was to rebuild and restore from backups. * Promoted from Developer to Team Lead as result of my dedication to successful migrations