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A self-motivated and highly experienced Commercial/Contracts Manager with a considerable background in Quantity Surveying. Possesses outstanding negotiating skills with a proven ability to resolve complex disputes and claims. Proficient in bid preparation tendering procurement cost planning and project management with a proven track record of analysing and resolving contractual dispute and claims with available material evidence if required. * Proficient in delay claims management through careful examination of relevant events its compliance with causation factors followed by assessment of its time and cost impact and or damages as applicable and reflecting on relevant operational material facts where inference could be drawn as applicable combined with the use of CPA to assist in delay claims analysis and ascertainment through the development of varying models and logic and common sense application to identifying causal factors and delay responsibility the extension of time & cost impact (if applicable) and determining the variance between 'as built' with 'as built but for' programme' and the overall net effect between planned and 'as built programme incorporating all construction process restraints as applicable'. These analyses are subsequently used as a reference/basis/tools for ascertaining negotiating and resolving disputed time related disruption/prolongation EOT claims-either from client/contractor perspectives. * A team player with considerable experience of leading supervising and training staff. I have special interest in Law with varying appellate court's appearance experience including UK Court of Appeal High court and Tribunal in UK and in Dubai UAE and won few (with available material evidence if required). This has considerably increased my confidence and had influenced my handling of many proving successful Commercial and contractual arguments to the satisfaction of my Directors line managers and or clients at either contracting and Consultancy organisations to date (Related past Line managers and Director's references) are available if required to give credence to my assertions. my wealth of experience Generally for about two decades covering varying roles as a Commercial /contracts manager project manager as an EU (EEC) Construction Management Technical expert Senior Quantity Surveyor combined with my brief legal Experience with varying court appearances have positively equipped me and had contributed to the effective management of the Contractual and Commercial management of Claims and resolution of disputes and other aspects of projects development and management in varying facets of projects delivery. (soft copy of material evidence are available). SNAPSHOT SUMMARY OF CAREER ENGAGEMENTS & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. A brief detail of my key professional engagements include but not limited to the following:-


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University of Bath Educational and Professional qualifications Construction Management 1989 Master Degree