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Summary Profile Resourceful and goal-driven professional with more than 27 years of dynamic technical experience in data integration, modeling, environmental geology and oil & gas field subject matter expert. Broad-based background with particular expertise in field development for unconventional reservoirs, CBM, shale and development of tight reservoir that require stimulation. Direct experience in water flood planning, directional/horizontal drilling, including planning, work-over/completion design and experience in lift selection. Expert in production optimization, proficient in E-log interpretation. Most recent project in Oman, completed economic basement study including oil fingerprinting, identify probable source. This study allowed for the creation of a new Maturity Model. Technical lead in creation of a Regional Stratigraphic Framework that was integrated into an updated economic basin model. The Stratigraphic Framework results gave us an improved understanding of regional inversion over the early work conducted by Visser 1991 in Oman. Final maturity model was an excellent match assuming the hypothesis that up to 2500m of inversion had taken place over five major cycles which included (1) Pre-Cambrian Rift, (2) Cambrian Rifting and Transpressional Tectonics, (3) Late Ordovician down building, (4) Jurassic Extension, (5) Cretaceous Separation of Masirah Ocean Crust and continued tectonic emplacement of major nappes in Oman Mountains, and later the emplacement of the Masirah Ophiolites which is supported by Semail and Masirah Ophiolites having different sedimentary cover. I have a firm understanding of useful technologies to unlock low value oil and the use of new technologies to successfully squeeze more for less. I understand how to maximize efficiencies and productivity to add value to an asset distressed by low margins. International work experience in various Countries including USA, Azerbaijan, Trinidad, Ukraine, Indonesia, Canada, Mongolia, Romania and Oman. Key Strengths * * Identify and define data collection parameters in conjunction of other disciplines to provide cost effective basis of analysis to allow construction of an accurate model * Optimize cost effective integration of complex studies to identify new prospects and their hydrocarbon systems, develop new play concepts, and develop qualified models of the subsurface. Studies include stratigraphic and lithofacies analysis, diagenesis created porosity and permeability distribution and hydrocarbon saturation studies to properly characterize reservoir. * Appraise subsurface models to ensure accuracy and technical integrity * Senior Petrophysical Log Analyst * Understanding of cost effective methodology to construct models using geological and other well data, structural and sedimentary patterns and features. Recommends drilling locations and able to develop FDP's * Geologic Prognosis Design and Hazard Awareness MWD/LWD Tools and Geosteering Techniques and Planning * Experience in carbonates and clastic, also unconventional reservoirs - Barnett, Eagleford and CBM * Completion Program Design including creating Perforating, OH and CH Logging Programs * Tool identification for fishing and fracture design * Log Interpretation and Analysis - HDS/Schlumberger * Reservoir Modeling and Field Development Planning using Seismic and Conventional Rock Property Analysis * Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstone, Carbonate and Turbidities Depositional Modeling / Volumetric Estimation * Water flood design, Development and Surveillance * Prospect Generation and Risk Assessment * Process Improvement and Optimization * Contract Negotiation