Mark P

Army - 4 Years of Experience - Near 32567



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SKILLS SUMMARY Program Management Anti-Terrorism Physical Security Operational Security Operations Planning Surveillance Detection Terrorist Threat Mitigation Individual Protection Measures Evasive Driving Intelligence Predictive Profiling Emergency Management Continuity of Operations Program Security Management Leadership Electronic Surveillance Assessment and Inspection Instructor Restraint Neutralization Command and Control Special Operations Employed conventional and unconventional Intelligence collection Provide senior level expertise as assistant team leader of the deployed team in support of all American embassies and consulates overseas. Completing several high-security projects of DOS facilities located OCONUS. As well as diagnosing sophisticated technical and physical security equipment to restore, the function of the various security systems. Administered security enhancements to new corporate offices, existing office buildings, and established buildings converted for executive, diplomatic use for Department of State (DOS) facilities abroad in Dominican exploitation and processing threat vulnerability assessments analytical techniques and training intelligence reports and reporting architecture asymmetric target analysis intelligence preparation of the environment (IPE) interagency operations fingerprinting photography H: (850) 398-5322 biometrics identification systems. Trained and advised host nation combat forces conducted Direct Action operations Foreign Internal Defense Unconventional Warfare Special Reconnaissance and Personnel Recovery operations support of activities. As well as Crossed trained in demolitions and improvised explosive devices. Provide training and individual counseling for Soldiers participating in the Special Forces Qualification Course ensuring their successful completion of phases and elements of training.