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Risk Management

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Past 4 years, 3 months (since Jan 2013), Chief Actuary for a Bermuda reinsurer targeting fixed deferred and immediate annuities and bulk pension annuity business (US and UK ceding companies). * Extensive experience in asset and liability modeling, statutory/GAAP/tax valuation, financial, capital management, ALM and risk management, embedded value reporting, pricing and product development, appraisal valuations and onshore/offshore reinsurance - primarily in the U.S., working for domestic and international insurance organizations with U.S. subs. Products: Annuities - Fixed, Variable, Indexed, with living benefit guarantee (deferred, immediate, pension buyouts) and fixed and variable life insurance business. * Headed the valuation, financial actuarial and VA hedging teams at large life companies and was appointed actuary for several large legal entities/companies. Many years of experience with U.S. (stat, GAAP, RBC) and more recent experience with international accounting and capital (Solvency II) frameworks (past 3-4 years). * Lead actuary responsible for the company asset and liability models for cash flow testing, risk measurement and management, business plan, GAAP and statutory valuation, RBC and capital management projections. Responsible for sources of earnings preparation, statutory annual statements, statutory and GAAP actual results and variance versus forecast analyses for actuarial items. * Key member of pricing committee responsible for risk review and sign off of product pricing. Key member of credited rate setting/non-guaranteed elements committee, responsible for providing financial analysis to support rate setting decisions. * Managed VA hedging team for 2 large VA writers and one reinsurer. Extensive experience in modeling, appraisal valuation of companies and blocks, regulatory/economic/rating agency capital management and forecasting, market risk management. * 2.5 years at investment banks working on XXX/AXXX redundant reserve financing proposals and longevity/mortality backed securities, life settlements and indexed based longevity hedging. * Strong hands on technical, modeling, inter-personal and communication skills, have built and managed strong teams, capable decision maker and able to delegate effectively. Key member of company management committees over the years (quarterly financials and capital management, risk management, ALCO, credited rate setting, business plan and budgeting, rating agency presentations, board presentations, educational presentations to product distribution areas).