Video Postings Video Job Posting Features & Benefits

  • Reach the YouTube™ Generation
  • Unparalleled Distribution across 45 Video sharing websites
  • Automatically Search Engine Optimizes jobs to target better candidates
  • Helps increase Employment Brand Awareness
  • Actively markets your postings to relevant Candidate audiences
  • Video jobs posted for up to 1 year
  • No production or studio fees

What is a Video Job Posting?

A Video Job Posting is an online video that highlights an employer’s culture, work environment or specific opportunities, while creating the right perception of an organization as a ‘place to work’ in the minds of targeted candidates.

Why should I purchase a Video Job Posting from

Internet video is viral and spreading. Recent studies have shown 71% of all U.S. Internet users are watching an average of 11 Billion videos per month. Many Companies are looking to reach Generation Y and the Millenials. What better way to reach the YouTube™ Generation, then with compelling online video content? Video Job Postings are a cost-effective alternative to the expensive studio produced, voiced over, and scripted videos created by our competitors. Our Video Job Postings are designed to engage your target audience with compelling messaging and an immediate call to action. Each Video Job Posting is unique because it describes a specific job opening, as opposed to creating a general employment branding message.

Many of’s clients have found success utilizing our Video Job Postings because we aren’t just adding videotext links to traditional job postings or providing them with a video to embed on their corporate career site. Our Video Job Postings are designed to be stand-alone advertisements that are automatically optimized for search engines and distributed across 45 different video sharing websites to drive viral marketing through linking and pass-along.

How does it work? believes in keeping it simple. That’s why we remove as much administriva from the Client as possible. Simply email us your standard job posting copy, our Multi-media team will develop unique content and an aggressive SEO strategy to actively market your job to relevant Candidate audiences. In fact, your Video Job Posting could be created and posted all in the same day.

Why waste precious time? At, we understand the YouTube™ Generation has a limited attention span. That’s why you will find that our Video Job Postings are short and to the point. Why waste a Candidate’s time showing them your offices, when they could be applying to your jobs? Video Job Postings are a lot more like concise persuasive commercials and a whole lot less like the boring infomercials of our competitors.

What does it cost? Video Job Postings can be purchased as a single posting or in job packs. Please contact Nick Jimenez for more information.