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Kelly Services Work Values

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Daily Duties at Kelly Services:

-Responsibilities include taking job orders and managing the order lifecycle. -Problem resolution and developing business through customer service calls and proactively marketing candidates. -Temporary employee-related service includes recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and managing employee relations. Also, focused on expense and cost-of-service management (e.g., unemployment and workers' compensation). -Main point of client contact for all Kelly Services related issues, not only for Northern Illinois GTS but, Phoenix (AZ) and Largo (FL) Shops. -Manage all Secondary Supplier Relations on a daily bases. -Provide several critical reports for the client, including a master report for all headcount for GTS across the United States. -Meet daily with customerís leadership to discuss needs and open positions, as well as quality of work performed by 320 Kelly employees currently on assignment. -Educate the client with such issues as retention, attrition and co-employment, always offering a solution. -Quick to anticipate the clientís demands and have an outstanding team that helps follow through with client requests. -Familiar with Chicagoland Colleges and Universities and have established relations through Job Fairs to create candidate flow.

What they like about Kelly Services:

A hiring company that offers alternative approaches to pay, performance bonuses, and/or equity in the firm is very attractive to you. You're generally less interested in working for an organization offering only traditional, salary-based compensation, one with limited opportunity to acquire equity in the firm, or one that does not actively promote skill development. In addition, you are more likely to choose a company that offers a variety of internal career options, with defined career paths. You view the learning of new skills and development of your expertise as key to your career advancement. These aspects of an organization may become even more important to you as you progress in your field, and are especially critical if you change career or occupation.


Information about Kelly Services

Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5

Average length of employment : 1 year

Average salary of employees: $45,000

These are some of the questions we asked our climbers about their experiences with Kelly Services:

Were your performance expectations clearly communicated?


Were you recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations?


Did you feel like your personal contribution was important?


Was your career path clearly outlined and discussed?


I would recommend this as a place of employment.
I believe in the purpose of this organization.
I would work for this organization again.
I feel employees are fairly compensated.