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Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp. Work Values

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Daily Duties at Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp.:

Conveyed all internal and external quality quality assurance programs to Vice President of Technology, including ISO 9001 and NADCAP accreditations. Oversaw the quality control and quality improvement activities of cross-functional teams while supervising nine individuals, consisting of post and final dimensional inspectors, process controllers, quality assurance technicians, sample preparation machinist and heat treat technicians. Maintained system operational integrity and survey status of all forge shop, heat treat and laboratory furnaces. Maintained, updated and destributed the company quality assurance reference manuals.

What they like about Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp.:

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Information about Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp.

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 4 years

Average salary of employees: $50,000

These are some of the questions we asked our climbers about their experiences with Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp.:

Were your performance expectations clearly communicated?


Were you recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations?


Did you feel like your personal contribution was important?


Was your career path clearly outlined and discussed?


I would recommend this as a place of employment.
I believe in the purpose of this organization.
I would work for this organization again.
I feel employees are fairly compensated.

Climbers who worked at Firth Rixson Viking Metallurgical Corp. had these interests:

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