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Gkn Aerospace Work Values

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Daily Duties at Gkn Aerospace:

 Use of calibrated Calipers and Micrometers and countersink gauge’s to measure depth of hole, metal thickness, out of roundness, thickness, fastener head gap, and fastener length.  Used blueprint’s to identify holes, non conforming areas, repair work of titanium angles, and area of skin to be worked on.  Inspect parts, holes, fasteners, and anything that needed to be bought off to allow part to be moved to next station. Worked with engineers to get paperwork and parts black inked to allow shipment to Boeing.  F/A 18,G-model,F22 Raptor,T45 trainer plane.  Building carbon fiber/titanium leading edge and trailing edge flaps, ailerons, and flight controls.  Drilling and installation of interference fasteners

What they like about Gkn Aerospace:

Working in an organization that is technologically advanced, creative, and innovative is critical in your assessment of hiring companies. Less important to you are stability of the organization, the length of time an organization has been in business, and the business' plans for the future. You prefer a fast-moving company that will take risks to achieve its goals and objectives. The length of time the company has been in business is irrelevant. Maintaining status quo is unnecessary. You thrive on change, uncertainty and the upside of potential business risks, especially those associated with innovation. Stability for the long haul is not nearly as important as is working in an atmosphere that is charged with a sense of urgency and constant change.


Information about Gkn Aerospace

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 1 year

Average salary of employees: $26,000

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