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Tower Automotive Inc Work Values

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Daily Duties at Tower Automotive Inc:

Process Engineer -Facility and ISO14001 Environmental Coordinator: Monitor/interprets environmental legal and auditor’s requirements. Generate required governmental reports; maintain summary data and information on liquid and solid wastes… Includes both production and non-production related functions for equipment and plant: building, grounds and infrastructure by preparing specifications and design drawings for bidding and labor estimates for equipment construction and installation. Manage contractual packages to contractor / vendors prior to award working with risk management, coordinating and managing fire system inspections, maintenance and upkeep. Coordinate / manage service contracts. Implemented Tower Asset inventory coordinating customer / finance / new owner. Launch engineer: coordinate / manage facility issues for new product model change and on launches, such items as electrical, mechanical installations, structural modifications. Special projects: support corporate facility requirements - asset audits, facility legal specific information, etc. Other tasks / responsibilities: support safety, manufacturing and other plant functions / teams by maintaining and servicing equipment and mechanical elements of production working with various manual and automated tools. Assures skilled and timely support to manufacturing customers. Working with Finance, Human Resources, I.T., Logistics, Maintenance, Materials, Quality and other support departments to meet all targeted production goals. Ensure technological skills are established and problem solving skills are developed. Tooling: Design and estimate manufacturing fixtures, gages and tools; manage major challenging supplier aspects. Develop new and modify, manufacturing processes required to produce components and assemblies. Participate in Layered Process Audits to meet TS16949 requirements. Meet / support customer to review design and resolve change issues. Plant Advance Process Engineer: 08 GMX-322 project requirements awareness (preplanning).

What they like about Tower Automotive Inc:

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Information about Tower Automotive Inc

Company Rank: 3.0 out of 5

Average length of employment : 5 years

Average salary of employees: $0

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Climbers who worked at Tower Automotive Inc had these interests:

techincal books To investigate solutions to needs/problem(s).
Auto Week Keeps readers current on the customers in the Automotive Indusrty.